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Two Award Winning Plays

Following their award-winning successes, Northern Rep Theatre is bringing their two shows ‘Bysmal Boys and Not Being Mean back to their native town of Macclesfield in October 2022

Both plays were originally performed in Manchester and part of the Manchester Fringe Festival, in 2021 and then 2022. Each received multiple nominations and acquired a win. ‘Bysmal Boys garnered the Best Drama Award in 2021 and the following year, in 2022, Not Being Mean walked away with Best Comedy Play and was also nominated for an “Offie” from OffFest. 

Both shows are performing simultaneously at The Little Theatre, Lord Street, Macclesfield this October. Giving you one more chance to catch our two recent productions in their native hometown setting either on their own, or with discounted tickets to watch both shows over two nights. Don’t miss out on seeing Laura Genders’ acclaimed shows directed by Tuirenn Hurstfield and Hans Oldham…

Premiered 2022

Find Out More About Our Production of Not Being Mean

Premiered 2021

Find Out More About Our Production of ‘Bysmal Boys

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Donations and Funding Patrons

Become a Theatre Angel of the North

Northern Rep Theatre is currently a self-funded organisation through the pockets of its founders, but we want to grow to a professional status: enabling us to pay our committed and talented Northern based actors, creatives and technical crew, and continue to grow the company to full-time production with the quality we are focused on achieving.

So, if you have ever thought about being involved as a patron for the theatre arts and fancy your name being listed as one of our Theatre Angels of the North in all publicity and programme material, we would love to discuss with you the patronage package we offer for benefactor funding, donations and bequeathments. This is a fantastic chance to support a grass-roots theatre company become something phenomenal, and be a part of the Northern Rep adventure…


Creating high quality standards of meaningful and inspirational theatre for a broad audience is our main goal.

Great Community

Engaging with our audiences, we aim to be cultivate a community of theatre-goers and friends in all that we do.

Inspiring Others

Becoming a champion and nurturer of theatre making and storytelling to upcoming and aspiring theatre professionals, and helping young theatre minds become ignited with the same passion we hold for performing and production arts.

What Drives Us Here at Northern Rep Theatre?

Ambitious Art, Striking Stories and Quality Production is What We're About

Making theatre has been in our genes for over two decades. Our determination to showcase not only our own artistic passions, but also the talents and amazing creativity of our fellow creators here in North is something we care deeply about. 

We know Rome was not built in a day, and while we have some high aspirations for Northern Rep Theatre (wherein we operate as a perpetual creative industry, offering work to those getting on to the professional theatre ladder and those who have already established themselves) we are keen to take it steady and at a pace that enables growth and focus.

While London dominates our theatre scene in this country, we are fervent in our long-term aim to become a flagship for Northern theatre-making and build not only an active and flourishing company, but also find roots across the North to support and foster others in their dreams too.

Will You Join Us In This Journey?